About Sound Centre

Sound Centre was established in 1986 by a group of Western Australian musicians who wanted to provide a music store that would understand and cater to the needs of other musicians. From humble beginnings as a small shop and a few rehearsal rooms, Sound Centre has grown into one of Perth’s most extensive music stores in terms of space, instrument range and musical expertise.

Located at 144 Russell St in Morley, Perth, WA, Sound Centre features dedicated instrument sections and even more dedicated staff. No matter your instrument, passion or musical need, there are specialists on hand to help you.

We have a fully featured guitar and bass area, P.A, recording and hi-tech gear area, drum & percussion area, brass, wind and strings department and a large and dedicated upstairs digital piano showroom featuring Perth's widest range of digital pianos & keyboards for you to try all under one roof!

At Sound Centre we always ensure that we offer some of the most competitive prices and the best service in Australia, as we firmly believe that music should be affordable and accessible for everyone.


It was over 30 years ago that Sound Centre began its humble journey towards becoming one of Perth's favourite music stores.


Today Sound Centre continues to offer a huge range of instruments from some of the world's most popular brands as well as striving to offer an unparalleled dedication to providing only the best service and expert knowledge to you.


As a professional drummer with a vast experience in all things musical - Sound Centre's long time owner (since day one!), Marco Scampoli, knows what it takes to put together and run one of Perth's most successful music stores.

Whether you've dropped into the store or are getting in touch over the phone or online, Marco and the team will be happy to help with a smile!


Located right next door - the Sound Centre School of Music is a long established place where budding newcomers can develop their passion or even where experienced players can take their playing to the next level.


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