Yamaha YHR-322II French Horn
Clear lacquer finish 4 rotary valves Fixed bell  12mm (0.472") bore size Yellow brass body and valve casings Included accessories: 32C4 mouthpiece
$3,799.00 $3,099.00
Yamaha YHR314II French Horn
Standard Series F Single Horn Key: F Valves: 3 rotary valves Bell size: M Bell type: Fixed Bore: 12mm (0.472") Valve casings: Yellow brass Valve rotors: Solid Lever action: String Finish: Clear lacquer Thinking Yamaha? Think Sound Centre!
$3,799.00 $2,600.00
Yamaha YHR567D Detachable Bell French Horn
F/ Bb key Detachable Bell Gold brass leadpipe material Yellow Brass body/bell material 4 solid rotors Water Key & Adjustable thumb lever
$6,599.00 $5,399.00
Yamaha YHR567 French Horn
$6,299.00 $5,199.00
Yamaha YHR567 French Horn
F/ Bb key Gold brass leadpipe material  Yellow Brass body / bell material 4 Solid rotors Water Key Adjustable thumb lever Nickel silver inner and outer slides
$6,299.00 $5,199.00
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