Yamaha YCL255 Bb Student Clarinet
The Yamaha YCL255 is Australia's top selling student clarinet, and is highly recommended by music teachers. Bb Clarinet, Body Matte ABS resin Keys: Nickel-plated nickel silver Barrel: 65mm Thumb-rest: Adjustable Mouthpiece: CL-4C Included accessories: CL-4C Mouthpiece, plastic mouthpiece cap, light weight bell, adjustable...
$1,099.00 $909.00
Yamaha YCL-221II Bass Clarinet
19 keys, 7 covered finger holes Adjustable thumb rest Boehm tonehole system Matte ABS resin body Nicle plated silver keys Includes BCL4C mouthpiece and lightweight and compact case
$5,299.00 $4,399.00
Yamaha YCL450M Bb Clarinet
Key of Bb 65mm barrel Grenadilla body, barrel, and bell nickel-silver and bell ring Hard rubber mouthpiece Includes case
Wisemann WI-090 17 Key Ebonite Body Clarinet Kit
Ebonite Body 17 Keys Nickel Plated Keys Includes Clarinet Case, Digital Tuner, Table Music Stand, Premium Case, Gloves/Cleaning Cloth, Reed Rectify Knife, Clarinet Stand and Care Kits
Yamaha YVS120 Venova Casual Wind Instrument
The Alto Venova is designed to be easy to play, with a rich and authentic sound. Featuring a solid ABS resin construction, synthetic reed and Yamaha 4C alto saxophone mouthpiece.
$319.99 $245.00
Yamaha YVS-100 Venova Casual Wind Instrument
Available from Yamaha is the YVS-100 Venova! A truly unique and new wind instrument which is built with a compact and portable body which creates an authentic sound through specialised design. Perfect for beginners and now available from Sound Centre!...
$179.99 $149.00
Yamaha YCL681II Eb Clarinet
42 mm barrel Grenadilla body Silver-plated keys Silver-plated ligature and mouthpiece cap Yamaha 4C mouthpiece
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