BOSS FS-7 Dual Footswitch
FS-7 is a compact dual footswitch for remote control of effect pedals or amp channel switching. Two footswitches are arranged in tandem, which saves space on effects pedal boards. Each A/B switch has two selectable modes for latch or momentary,...
$139.00 $129.00
Blackstar FS-11 2 Way Footswitch
The FS-11 is a rugged two-way footswitch with a metal housing designed to work with the ID:Core series.
Orange FS2 Footswitch
The FTSWCH-Dual is a dual-button footswitch for compatible Orange amplifiers.
$89.00 $79.00
BOSS GA-FC EX Floor Controller
The GA-FC EX from BOSS at Sound Centre provides expanded foot control functionality for select BOSS amplifier models. It maintains the simple setup and intuitive workflow of the standard GA-FC while offering additional functions for greater performance flexibility. Main Features...
$249.00 $239.00
Fender GTX-7 Footswitch for Mustang GTX Amplifiers
The GTX-7 Footswitch was developed for use with Mustang GTX amplifiers, allowing users to select various presets and effects from the floor. Looper buttons access the amp’s “Record,” “Play,” “Overdub,” “Stop” and “Undo” functions, Tap Tempo is accessible for time-based...
$199.00 $179.00
MXR 10 Band Graphic EQ Pedal
Upgraded with noise-reduction circuitry, a lightweight aluminium housing, brighter LEDs for increased visibility, and a second output so you can run two separate signal chains. With ten carefully chosen frequencies and both input and output level controls, the Ten Band...
$359.00 $279.00
VOX VFS2A Dual Footswitch
VFS2A is a dual footswitch with LED for the Valve Reactor Series and AC Custom Series. It has high-quality durable all-metal construction with twin LED's and separate stereo jack lead supplied for connection to the amplifier.
Line 6 FBV2 Two-Button Foot Controller
The FBV2 foot controller lets you scroll through the first bank of four presets of your compatible Line 6 amp and is small and light enough to fit in your gig bag.The FBV2 foot controller lets you scroll through the...
Fender 2-Button Channel Select / Effects On Footswitch
Restore your contemporary Fender amp’s footswitch functionality with a genuine replacement Fender footswitch Used for: FM 65 DSP, Super Champ XD, Champion 40, Champion 100
$55.00 $49.00
BOSS AB-2 2-Way Selector Switch
Affordable A/B selector with 1-click operation and silent switching 2-way selector for using A/B input with one output, or vice-versa Instantly change guitars, effects setups or amplifiers, or switch between an amp and tuner
Blackstar FS-12 5 Button Footswitch Controller For ID 100/150
The FS-12 is a multi-function footcontroller in a compact, low profile, durable aluminium body that allows access to all 36 patches of the ID:CORE 100 / ID:CORE 150. The large, clear dot matrix display ensures easy visibility for the fully...
$189.00 $179.00
Blackstar FS-1 1 Way Footswitch
One-way footswitch for HT-5/5H/5S Blackstar Amplifiers
$109.00 $99.00
BOSS FS-6 A-B Dual Footswitch
Each Footswitch Can Be Assigned Latch- or Momentary-Type Stereo Input Jack for Single Stereo Cable Connection Can Be Connected to Other Footswitches (FS-5L/FS-5U/FS-6/AB-2) for Extension Connect to a Wide Variety of Instruments, Rhythm MacHines Guitar Amps, and Electronic Devices That...
$139.00 $125.00
Roland GA-FC Foot Controller
Switch Instantly Between Four Channels and Two Routes of Loops, Reverbs, Boost Settings, Etc Simultaneously Connect Two Expression Pedals for Realtime Control of Volume and Drive Compatible Products: Blues Cube Artist, Blues Cube Artist212, Blues Cube Tour, Cube-80gx, Cube-40gx, Ga-212,...
$199.00 $179.00
Blackstar FS-10 4 Way Footswitch For ID Series Amplifiers
Designed to Work With the Following Amps: ID:15TVP, ID:30TVP, ID:60TVP, ID:60TVP-H, ID:260TVP and ID:100TVP Allows Access to All 128 Patches Plus the Tuner Function Patch Mode Allows You to Switch Between the Three Banks of Four Patches Accessible on the...
$189.00 $159.00
VOX VFS5 Amp Footswitch
Foot controller for Vox VT Series amplifiers Switch programs Turn reverb and effects on or off Tap tempo
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