Carlsbro EDA30B Electronic Drum Amplifier With Bluetooth
The new Carlsbro EDA30B powered monitor speaker combines Carlsbro's vast amplifier expertise with electronic drum experience, to give you a monitor speaker that will sound great whatever you are playing no matter at home, in the rehearsal studio or on stage. Perfect...
$395.00 $359.00
Yamaha HH65 Electronic Hi Hat Control
An extremely quiet hi-hat controller. You can combine this controller with an electronic drum pad to create a compact hi-hat capable of handling a variety of hi-hat performances, including ones that incorporate full-open, full-closed, and half-open movements and foot splashing....
Yamaha DTX XP70 7 Inch Electronic Snare and Tom Drum Pad
Standard-equipped on the following DTXdrums: DTX700K, DTX540K, DTX560K TCS (Textured Cellular Silicone) Head Pad Surface 1 Zone 7 Inch Diameter Available for Snare and Tom Pad 1 x Standard Stereo Phone Output Jack Excellent Feel and Quietness Makes it Ideal...
$299.99 $249.00
Carlsbro 200 Watt Digital Drum Amplifier
Today’s digital drum technology creates multiple tones at a very broad range of frequencies that all have to be heard simultaneously. Those distinctive sounds generated from the snare drum, tom-toms, bass drum and cymbals are all heard in the same...
$899.00 $799.00
Ashton DA30 - 30 Watt Electronic Drum Amplifier
Perfect small amplifier for electronic drum practice. Speaker: 10" Dual Cone Wattage: 30 Watt Channels: 1 EQ System: 3-Band EQ Inputs: 1/4" Jack Stereo In, 2 x 1/4" AUX in Mono Dimensions: 35 x 34 x 35cm Other: AUX In...
$379.00 $329.00
Yamaha 10" Electronic 3 Zone Cymbal Pad Suit DTX500 Series
The PCY100 is a 10" cymbal pad with three zones that enable the pad to recreate the sounds produced when you hit different parts of a cymbal. The pad can faithfully reproduce delicate cymbal playing, powerful hits, choking and can...
$169.99 $149.99
Yamaha MS45DR DTX 2.1 Drum Monitor System
The MS45DR is a 2.1-channel electronic drum monitor system for home use. This simple and compact unit is specially designed to authentically reproduce the dynamic drum sounds from your digital kit. The MS45DR allows you to enjoy superb sound quality...
$529.99 $459.00
Yamaha PCY95AT Cymbal Pad With Attachment
A large 10-inch cymbal pad with attachment to rack system. Newly designed for more natural feel and quietness, you will notice the difference from other cymbals when playing legato. In addition, when you play this cymbal pad with the DTX402...
Yamaha DT50S Professional Dual Drum Trigger
The DT50S is a professional drum trigger that attaches to the hoop of toms and snare drums to transmit a trigger signal to compatible DTX trigger modules. Featuring dual trigger capability with complete isolation between head and rim triggering and...
$124.99 $109.00
Yamaha DT50K Professional Kick Drum Trigger
The DT50K is a professional drum trigger that attaches to the hoop of an acoustic bass drum to transmit a trigger signal to compatible DTX trigger modules. Featuring a solid metal die-cast body and finished in chrome for the ultimate...
Yamaha CYAT500 Straight Cymbal Arm
The CYAT500 is a straight cymbal arm with a clamp for mounting cymbal pads on DTX rack systems.
Yamaha DTX XP80 8 Inch Electronic Snare and Tom Drum Pad
TCS (textured cellular silicone) head pad surface 3 zone (head / open rim / closed rim) 8 inch diameter Available for snare and tom pad 1 x standard stereo phone output jack Standard-equipped on the following DTXdrums: DTX750K, DTX700K, DTX540K, DTX520K, DTX530K...
Yamaha TP70S 7.5 Inch Electronic Snare and Tom Drum Pad
7.5 inch snare/tom pad Rubber head pad surface 3-zones 
$149.99 $129.00
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