AirTurn AIR-PedPRO Dual Bluetooth Wireless Pedal Control Page Turner
Low-profile, silent, and portable wireless foot switch. Turn pages, read music, scroll lyrics and tabs Control presentation and teleprompter apps Cue audio and effects Capture video, photos, and more!
Yamaha TR14B4 Trumpet Mouthpiece
Yamaha Model 14B4 Relatively large rim diameter and shallow cup Outstanding overall balance for all musical genres Similar to a Bach 3C or a Schilke 15B Inner Diameter = 16.85mm Contour = semi-flat Thickness = standard Cut Depth = semi-shallow...
Protec M400 Trumpet Mute Bag
The name Vega Banjo has been synonymous with fine quality-crafted banjos since 1889. Martin's combined experience in instrument making, string winding, and comprehensive sound testing make Vega Strings the best choice for your banjo. All raw materials are of premium...
Herco Trombone Maintenance Kit
Contains slide oil, mouthpiece brush, flexible cleaner, cleaning discs, polishing cloth and ID/name tag.
Herco Trumpet/Cornet Maintenance Kit
Trumpet/Cornet maintenance kit. Contains valve oil, tuning slide grease, mouthpiece brush, valve brush, valve protector, flexible cleaner, cleaning discs, polishing cloth and ID/name tag.
Bach Valve Oil
Minimize valve wear over a wide temperature range Highly refined Non-kerosene-based synthetic Mixed with fine Swiss clock oil
Herco Slide Oil
Specially formulated fast light oil for trombone slides One and a quarter ounces
Bach Tuning Slide Grease
Bach 1887 Tuning Slide Grease keeps tuning slides free for easy adjustment. It has a special long lasting formula and comes in a 1/2oz. tub.
$12.95 $12.00
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