VOX Pathfinder 10B Bass Guitar Combo Amplifier
Pathfinder 10 Bass Specification Output Power: 10 Watts RMS Speaker: VOX Bulldog 5" x 2 (4 ohms) Input: INPUT jack Output: PHONES/LINEOUT jack Controls: DRIVE, TREBLE, BASS, VOLUME, BRIGHT switch Dimensions (W x D x H): 380 x 170 x 277mm (including projections)  Weight: 5.6kg 
$239.99 $209.00
VOX Pathfinder 10 Electric Guitar Combo Amplifier
Pathfinder 10 Specification Circuitry: Solid-State Output: 10-Watts RMS Speakers: Vox Bulldog x 1 (6.5", 8 ohm) Controls: Gain, Treble, Bass, Volume, Clean/Overdrive Switch, Power On/Off Input: Input Jack Outputs: Headphone/Line Out Jack Dimensions: 380mm(w) x 260mm(h) x 170mm(d) Weight: 4.8Kg
$219.00 $199.00
Vox VH-Q1WH Smart Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Amplifier Headphones - White
High-quality noise cancelling Bluetooth headphones, especially conceived for guitar and bass players that want to practice or rehearse using a backing track while playing through an amp. Use the Smart Monitor feature in combination with the noise cancelling function to...
Primacoustic Vox Guard Vocal Booth
Features a Window for Improved Sightlines Helps to Eliminate Excess Echo and Reverb Controls Ambient Space Around the Mic Creates Intimate Sound Field Delivers Cleaner, Articulated Vocal Track Lightweight and Easy to Use Held in Place by the Clip, Shock...
$179.00 $169.00
VOX BC112 12 Inch Guitar Speaker Cabinet
A compact portable cabinet that is perfect solution for practice small gigs or recording 12" Celestion V-Type speaker for a well-balanced sound
$549.99 $449.00
VOX AC15HW1X Hand-Wired 1x12 15 Watt Electric Guitar Combo Amplifier
15 watts RMS into 8/16 Ohms output power Hand-wired turret board construction All-tube design ECC83/12AX7 preamp tubes x 3 EL84 power amp x 2 EX81 rectifier Top boost and normal, high and low inputs for each channel External speaker jack...
$3,599.00 $2,469.00
VOX AP2-CAB amPlug2 Cabinet
Increased output power and more flexibility Transforms the amPlug2 into a tabletop amp, Just plug it into the top of the cab! connect an external audio source recognizable look of a VOX amplifier
$84.99 $75.00
VOX V847 Wah Pedal
$209.99 $179.00
VOX V847 Wah Pedal
 INST jack, AMP jack, DC i/p jack. One 9V DC battery 6F22(S-006P) 540uA @ 9VDC approximately >100 hours with manganese battery (will vary depending on conditions) 102(W) x 252(D) x 75(H) (including rubber feet, pedal in lowest postion) 1673g (including...
$209.99 $179.00
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