Raggetti RV2 Violin Outfit
Unlike most other entry level instruments the Raggetti RV2 has been designed and made with close reference to traditional violin making. Workers in the Raggetti factory have been trained in the traditional Cremonese fashion in which they carefully graduate the...
$429.00 $389.00
Enrico Student Plus II Cello Outfit
This great value package combines a quality student instrument with the popular lightweight case with wheels, perfect for young learners travelling to and from school. Solid spruce top and maple back, neck and sides. Ebony fingerboard and pegs. Lightweight tailpiece...
from $1,099.00
Enrico Student Plus Viola Outfit
Enrico "Student Plus" Series Viola Outfit. This is an excellent entry level viola outfit, perfect for student use. Enrico have a proven track record delivering consistent quality and exceptional value at the student price point. Top: Solid Spruce Back, Neck...
from $299.00
Enrico Student Plus Violin Outfit
The Enrico Student Plus is the iconic outfit of the Enrico Violin range, sought-after by students and teachers nationwide. From start to finish, the instruments undergo rigorous monitoring to ensure unsurpassed quality and consistency; thus, making the Enrico range respected...
$329.00 $299.00
Gliga III Violin Outfit With Tonica Strings
The Gliga III violin's reputation for value and quality without compromise is well deserved, reflected by it's best selling status. Each Gliga III's journey starts in the Carpathian Mountains in Europe where legendary wood used by the old master builders...
from $585.00
Raggetti Master No.6 Stradivari Soli 1714 Model 4/4 Size Violin
The Master's Series violins are a fine investment that will give many years of enjoyment to the musician and collector alike. It is a faithful recreation of a 1714 Stradivari Soil masterpiece. Solid Spruce Top Solid maple Back, Neck &...
$2,219.00 $1,795.00
Raggetti RV7AE Violin Outfit
An excellent choice for an intermediate player Back, neck and sides made with flamed quality himalayan maple  Mountain spruce top Ebony fingerboard Comes with a case and bow Includes professional set up (see below for more information)
$899.00 from $799.00
Raggetti RV5 Violin Outfit
$649.00 from $569.00
Raggetti RV5 Violin Outfit
The next step up from the RV2, the RV5 outfit is ideal for the intermediate to advanced student. Solid European mountain spruce top Seasoned Himalayan maple back, neck and sides.African Ebony fingerboard and pegsAged maple bridgeEbony chinrestLightweight tailpiece with inbuilt fine...
$649.00 from $569.00
Yamaha SV255 Professional Silent Violin With Dual Pickup System
The SV255 is a specially designed five string violin to meet the needs of the professional and high class amateur performer wanting amplified violin sound for all sorts of music. With its weight of only around 500g it has the...
$3,399.00 $2,745.00
Yamaha SV250 Professional Silent Violin With Dual Pickup System
The SV250 is designed to meet the needs of the professional and high class amateur performer wanting amplified violin sound for all sorts of music. With its weight of only around 500g it has the same weight of a traditional...
$3,199.00 $2,649.00
Yamaha YEV-104 4/4 Size Electric Violin - Natural
Advanced Yamaha wood processing technology has resulted in the development and production of a next-generation electric violin that combines innovative beauty with solid live-performance features and potential. It is an excellent choice for music lovers who are looking for an...
$1,199.00 $1,049.00
Carlo Giordano 4/4 Size Electric Violin Outfit - Natural
4/4 size Active EQ (Hi, Low, Vol.) Ebony pegs, Chin-rest Ebony fingerboard 4- adjuster metal tailpiece Accessories : Case, Bow, Rosin & Headphones.
$449.00 $399.00
Raggetti RVA2 Viola Outfit
$429.00 from $389.00
Raggetti RVA2 Viola Outfit
The Raggetti RVA2 is an excellent viola for a beginner student. With a fine clarity to the sound, the RVA2 provides ease to play and represents outstanding value. Available in sizes from 11"-16" Top: Solid Spruce Back, Neck & Sides: Solid Maple...
$429.00 from $389.00
Wolf Cello End Pin Stop
Cello Endpin Holder - "Super Endpin" by Wolf Rubber ball attaches directly to endpin spike 10mm Ø socket Secures to rod with two set screws and one major thumb screw Nonslip on most surfaces Small and compact Made in Holland...
Yamaha SVC110 Silent Cello
The SVC110 was created in cooperation with some of the world's greatest cellists – a fact that is reflected in its extraordinary warm tone and playability. Players will appreciate the instrument's expressive capability and comfort, as well as its capacity...
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