Jim Dunlop DCV100NS Performance Series Tie End Classical Guitar Strings - Normal Tension
Normal Tension - Crystal Trebles - Silver Basses - Tie Ends These classical guitar strings provide a perfectly balanced and expressive tonal palette, blending deep, throaty lows with highs that are crisp and bright.
$20.95 $16.00
Jim Dunlop EP103 Echoplex Delay
The Echoplex Delay delivers the legendary tones of the EP-3 tape echo unit with a hi-fi all-analog dry path and a simple control interface, including an Age control to "age" your repeats. No tape cartridges required!This pedal can be powered...
$469.00 $319.00
Jim Dunlop 535Q Cry Baby Mini Auto Return Wah Pedal
Now you can get the dynamic versatility and space-saving footprint of the Cry Baby Mini 535Q Wah with the ultimate mod for convenient live performances—auto-return switching.With just four controls, you can radically alter your instrument’s voice with quick and easy...
$419.00 $299.00
Jim Dunlop 40-100 Stainless Steel Flatwound Bass Strings
Gauges: 40, 60, 80, 100 Bass - Steel - Long Scale - 4-String Set These flatwound bass strings provide a clear, solid fundamental and superior tonal versatility—rolling off your bass’ tone knob takes you from a modern and articulate punch...
Jim Dunlop 12-54 Nickel Wound Electric Guitar String Set - Heaviest
Gauges: 12 - 16 - 20p - 32 - 42 - 54 Electric - Nickel Wound - 12's Heaviest w/ plain G- 6-String Set These nickel wound strings are designed with a special core-to-wrap ratio so players can maintain tension...
$18.95 $14.00
Jim Dunlop 10-46 Electric Nickel Wound Performance Guitar Strings - Medium
Performance+ Strings are designed with you in mind. They strike the perfect balance between tension and flexibility and project the full tonal complement of the electric guitar. Whatever your style and whatever your rig, Performance+ Strings give you what you...
$18.95 $14.00
Jim Dunlop 11-52 Acoustic Phosphor Bronze Guitar String Set - Medium Light
Dunlop Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings provide rich, warm tones that resonate with fullness and depth. Custom wound onto a high carbon steel hex core, they offer players incredible clarity and dynamics. Dunlop's formula creates strings that are exceptionally long-lived;...
$23.95 $18.00
Jim Dunlop 45-105 Flatwound Bass Strings
Gauges: 45-65-85-105 Deliver a Sound That Harkens Back to the Timeless Rock, Funk, and R&B Recordings Clear, Solid Fundamental and Superior Tonal Versatility Roll the Toneknob to Go From a Modern Punchy and Articulate Sound to That Classically Deep Mellow...
Jim Dunlop DVP4 Volume X Mini Volume Pedal
Volume (X) Mini Pedal All the Features of the GDVP3 but Half the Size! Three External Jacks for Input, Output and AUX AUX Output Combines Tuner and Expression Functionality Into One Jack That Can Be Toggled With a Switch Inside...
$329.00 $269.00
Jim Dunlop Crybaby Pedal
The original cry baby wah! Created some of the most timeless sounds in rock
$219.00 $189.00
Jim Dunlop Crybaby Multi Wah Pedal
The 535Q Is the Swiss Army Knife of Wah Pedals Provides Control Over the Most Important Wah Parameters Select the Frequency Center of the Effect Dial in the Frequency Range to Be Swept by the Pedal From Narrow and Sharp...
$399.00 $319.00
MXR M233 Micro Amp Plus Pedal
MXR - Micro Amp+. For more than 20 years, the MXR Micro Amp has been a staple among the world’s top artists because of its ability to boost and sweeten up your guitar or bass tone and drive the front...
$329.00 $219.00
MXR MCX402 Custom Audio Electronics Boost Overdrive Guitar Pedal
Boost/overdrive pedal. This pedal offers the combination of a simple dynamic overdrive and an independent clean boost circuit all in the one pedal. Warm sounding 'classic' overdrive that adds sustain and punch. Boost function with adjustment from 0 to 20...
Jim Dunlop MXC404 Custom Audio Electronics Wah Pedal
The MC404 CAE Wah was developed by Bob Bradshaw of Custom Audio Electronics and the Cry Baby design team with the goal of creating a highly versatile wah-wah of top-grade components. It features dual Fasel inductors with two distinct voices...
Jim Dunlop GCB105Q Crybaby Bass Wah Pedal
Custom EQ circuitry which allows for tonal resolutions, creativity and control in the low bass frequencies. Also features the innovative Q control which allows the player to select the exact wah tone desired and an adjustable volume control which enables...
MXR M237 DC Brick Power Supply
A revamp of the DCB10, this power supply handles twice the power and comes with eight 9v outputs, each equipped with a red LED to indicate a short, and two 18v outputs. This pedal can be powered by the included...
$249.00 $209.00
Jim Dunlop Jimi Hendrix Poster Guitar Strap
Features artwork inspired by late 60’s concert poster artists and visual art by Jimi Hendrix himself. Orange with poster art pattern.

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