Gibraltar 9608 Drum Throne
Strong and Durable Round Vinyl Seat Top Grade Foam for Maximum Comfort Adjusts From 50 to 71 Cm High Rock Solid Double Braced Leg Base Super-Lock Cast Seat Fastening System Super Foot Solid Foundation Rubber Feet Memory Lock Height Adjustment...
$319.95 $229.00
Gibraltar GSCLRAC L-Rod Adjustment Clamp
9.5mm Ratchet L-Rod for Mounting Percussion Adjustable Stand Clamp
Gibraltar PK-1 Drum Key
Gibraltar standard Drum Key 1/4" socket fits all standard drum key tension rods.
Gibraltar Single Bass Drum Pedal Bag
Single Pedal Bag Just remove the beaters and you're ready to go with this fully padded carrying bag Bags have accessory pockets for beaters, tools, and extra parts 36.8cm L x 26.6cm W x 17.78cm H
$110.00 $87.95
Gibraltar Swing Nut 8mm Cymbal Tilter
GSCSNA Gibraltar ""Swing Nut TP"" 8mm Cymbal Tilter No wing nut, Swing nut fast cymbal mounting adaptor One piece unit screws onto existing 8mm cymbal tilter Fits on any brand cymbal stand with standard 8mm cymbal tilter Creates the fastest...
Gibraltar Hi Hat Drop Clutch
Disengage and drop top cymbal by hitting the clutch with a drum stick Re-engage the clutch by stepping on the pedal, attaching itself to the original position Works with a 7mm rod
Gibraltar Dual Surface Bass Drum Beater
Dual Surface Self Aligning Beater Fits in most standard bass drum pedals
Gibraltar SC-CLBAC Long Cymbal Boom 18" Attachment Clamp
Long Cymbal Boom Attachment Clamp Save set up space and minimize clutter in your set up Medium and Long cymbal boom arms with attachment clamps Can mount to any existing cymbal or tom stand Mount crash and splash cymbals efficiently...
Gibraltar SC-SDH Drink Holder
Soft nylon holder clamps to any stand Fits 1 litre bottles and most drink containers (yes it fits a beer!)
$49.95 $39.99
Gibraltar GI4711SC Single Drive Chain Pedal
Chain Drive CAM Single Bass Drum Pedal New fast touch pedal board design Dual surface weighted beater Cast frame with textured black finish
$139.95 $99.00
Gibraltar GI5607EX Double Braced Snare Stand
Extended height snare stand with single lock basket tilter Extends 26” to 40” with 7⁄8 ” – 1” diameter tubes Fits 10″ to 15″ drum with metal hoops Fits 14″ drum with wood hoops
$169.95 $139.00
Gibraltar 6711S Single Bass Drum Pedal
Double Chain Fast, powerful, double CAM action with simple execution Dual surface 90 gm black and chrome beater New fast touch pedal board design 4 bearings – 2 per drive system Cast frame with textured black finish Quick adjust spring...
$235.00 $189.00
Gibraltar 5711DB Double Bass Drum Pedal
Single Chain CAM Drive G5 Double Bass Drum Pedal. Clean and simple with quick response. New features include a Fast touch pedal board design and dual surface balanced bass drum beater. The single chain CAM drive action gives fast response...
$399.95 $319.00
Gibraltar GSCUGC Multi Universal Grabber Clamp
Universal double clamp that accepts 5/8" through 1-1/4" diameter arms Very sturdy Flexible angle adjustments
$79.95 $59.00
Gibraltar GSC4425D1 Straight Tom/Percussion Cowbell Arm
A 7/8" diameter post with 9.5mm ratchet L-rod for mounting cowbells, blocks, tambourines, and other percussion items.
Gibraltar 7716 Bongo Stand With Adjustable Clip Mount
Stand Has an Adjustable Clip Mount That Makes It Easy to Hold Your Bongo Securely in Place The Legs on the Stand Are Elliptical Shaped to for a Solid, Stable Base
Gibraltar 6709 Pro Double Braced Boom Cymbal Stand
Professional in features yet light enough in weight and mass for easy transport Double braced tripod assembly provides maximum stability without heavy weight Cymbal stands are equipped with Gibraltar's gearless brake tilter All cast G-height adjustments with nylon inserts for...
Gibraltar 5711S Single Chain CAM Drive Single Bass Drum Pedal
Clean and Simple With Quick Response Fast Touch G Pedal Board Design Dual Surface Balanced Bass Drum Beater The Single Chain CAM Drive Action Gives Fast Response New Fast Touch Pedal Board Design Dual Surface 90 Gm Weighted Beater Cast...
$159.95 $135.00
Gibraltar 5709 Medium Weight Double Braced Boom Cymbal Stand
Utilises All Professional Features in a Low-Mass Double-Braced Stand Double Braced Tripod With Cast Height Assembly Gibraltar's Exclusive Round Rubber Feet Provide Stability Without a Large Profile 3-Teir Cymbal Stands Cast Hinged Height Adjustments 2-Point Hideaway Boom
$169.95 $145.00

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