Not sure what all those fancy terms you've heard about mean? Check out our jargon buster below to help clear things up!

Trumpet Jargon Buster

Monel Valves
Monel is a metal alloy of copper and nickel that is used to make valves. The alloy is robust and allows more precise tolerances in the valve action and less sticking, with proper care.

Reverse Lead Pipe:
Other than the mouthpiece the lead pipe is the first part of the trumpet that the air flows through. The lead pipe is connected to the tuning slide (the first bend in a trumpet). A standard lead pipe causes slight resistance due to the tuning slide sitting inside it. Reversing this construction results in a free blowing trumpet.

Gold Brass Bell vs Yellow Brass Bell:
For the bell material, (not the plating) gold brass has a higher percentage of copper vs nickel, giving it a darker and more mellow sound.

Yamaha YTR2330 Student Trumpet
The YTR2330 trumpet is the perfect starter instrument for students. The main focus for the design was on a light and easy to play trumpet with a great sound and perfect intonation. Perfect student model Medium Weight Gold Brass 123mm...
$1,099.00 $949.00
Hercules DS513BB Trumpet/Cornet/Flugelhorn Stand With Bag
Hercules DS513BB SFF-coated Trumpet/ Cornet and Flugelhorn pegs are height adjustable and detachable from the base of the stand. Folds into carry bag for transport ease. 2 SFF-coated Trumpet/ Cornet pegs are adjustable and detachable SFF-coated Flugelhorn peg is adjustable...
CPK Foldaway Trumpet Stand
Bell shaped stand with 3 foldaway legs. Legs store in stand base. Stores in bell of trumpet in case. Black.
Herco Trumpet/Cornet Maintenance Kit
Trumpet/Cornet maintenance kit. Contains valve oil, tuning slide grease, mouthpiece brush, valve brush, valve protector, flexible cleaner, cleaning discs, polishing cloth and ID/name tag.
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