Korg EC-5 5 Way Foot Switch
Five momentary footswitches are conveniently mounted in one compact unit and can be connected with a 6-pin cable (included). The EC5 is most commonly used with KORG Arranger keyboards, with functions being determined by the specific product and settings.
Korg Sequenz Carry Bag For Korg Medium Size Synthesizers
Multi-purpose carrying case for mid-sized gear.This stylish messenger bag-type carrying case allows you to easily carry around mid-sized gear without having to carry around a heavy flightcase or a suitcase to a gig. The MP-LARGE-MSG will be a perfect fit...
Yamaha UD-W101 USB Wifi Adaptor
USB Wi-Fi adaptor for CLP-500 series digital pianos as well as Tyros and Motif keyboards Enjoy a wide range of iOS applications on your iPad or iPhone Easy setup and integration with your digital piano
$129.99 $119.00
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