Maestro Comet Chorus
The Maestro Comet Chorus pedal at Sound Centre uses iconic analog bucket brigade device (BBD) technology to deliver warm, classic chorus tones. This all-analog pedal boasts a Mode toggle switch for increased sonic versatility. The Earth mode provides an optimized,...
$349.00 $219.00
Maestro Discoverer Delay
The Maestro Discoverer Delay at Sound Centre is a modern analog delay pedal that proudly utilizes legendary analog bucket brigade device (BBD) technology to deliver classic, warm, and inviting delay sounds. The intuitive 3-knob control layout lets users quickly dial...
$349.00 $249.00
Maestro Fuzz-Tone FZ-M
Maestro created the world’s first fuzz pedal – the Maestro Fuzz-Tone FZ-1. Introduced in 1962, the Fuzz-Tone became the sound of rock and roll and a must-have accessory for guitarists everywhere after the success of 1965’s (I Can’t Get No)...
$349.00 $219.00
Maestro Invader Distortion
The Maestro Invader Distortion at Sound Centre is a high-gain, all-analog modern distortion pedal with a heavy, aggressive, dominant sonic character and loads of rich harmonics. With the Maestro Invader Distortion, users can generate a wide range of distorted sounds....
$349.00 $219.00
Maestro Ranger Overdrive
Inspired by the overdriven tones of some of the world’s most cherished vintage tube amps, the Ranger Overdrive at Sound Centre is a modern, all-analog overdrive pedal featuring a Mode toggle switch that provides two different tonalities; a warm, expressive, amp-like...
$349.00 $279.00
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