Not sure what all those fancy terms you've heard about mean? Check out our jargon buster below to help clear things up!

Flute Jargon Buster

Split E Mechanism:
A mechanism that makes the E3 note sound a lot more solid. This is particularly useful from about the second or third year of playing - not usually found on entry level flutes, but is on both flute models below.

Solid Silver vs Silver Plated:
While silver plated offers a great price point for beginners, a flute with solid silver components gives a much better tone.

Pointed Key Arms:
A great extra which assists the flute in sealing correctly, ensuring the flute stays in adjustment for longer. Both flute options below have pointed key arms.

Yamaha YFL372 Intermediate Flute
Featuring a Sterling Silver plated head, the Yamaha YFL372 flute is a great step up from the entry level models. Drawn and curled tone holes Ring keys Offset G Split E Mechanism Sterling silver plated head Nickel silver plated body...
$2,049.00 $1,539.00
Yamaha YFL212 Student Flute
The Yamaha YFL-212 is the perfect student flute, and is highly recommended by teachers. Drawn and curled toneholes Covered keys Offset G Split E mechanism Nickel silver plated head, body and keys  Includes FLC-220 case and FLB-200EII bag
$1,199.00 $899.00
Herco Flute Maintenance Kit
Contains cork grease, slide grease, key oil, cleaning brush and duster, polishing cloth, flannel cleaning cloth, 2 x flute cleaning rod cloths and ID/name tag.
Herco 33cm Flute Cleaning Rod
Flute cleaning rod with eyelet for cloth. Plastic. 33cm.
Herco Flute Cleaning Cloth
Standard flute cleaning cloth.
Herco Silver Cleaning Cloth
7 x 16 inch cloth for cleaning and polishing all silver and plated instruments. Removes tarnish, makes metal shine like new!
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